Identify Up To 50% in Reduced AWS Costs with Stratusphere FinOps

Reduce your cloud costs and take control of your complex AWS environments. With Stratusphere FinOps you can get actionable insights ranked by level of effort to help you optimize your AWS spending.

  • With a deep understanding of FinOps, the Stratusgrid team have developed a unique application that provides insightful analysis to help drive cloud cost efficiencies and spot opportunities for architectural improvements. The team’s balanced understanding of SaaS business and technology drivers is a real differentiator."

  • Stratusphere is awesome. It fits a unique need in the market, has a refreshing pricing model, and I've been telling everyone about it.”

Stratusphere™ FinOps Cloud Management

Dashboard Features

Smart Contextual Guidance You Need

Get pre-built insights that offer the data and context you need to execute. No need for the creation and maintenance of custom dashboards or large complex data projects. We guide you with essential focus areas and expand as needed.

Prioritize Your Action Items by Level of Effort (LoE)

Instantly see what you should focus on and prioritize your to-do list for more potential savings. Get accurate stack rankings of action items categorized by level of effort, verified by consultants who have seen and done it before.

Know Exactly What You’re Saving

Configure your benchmark targets and instantly gain valuable insights into AWS cloud usage and potential savings within your portfolio of operating companies. Then, filter down findings reports by account, region, service, and LoE to get the most specific savings insights.

Easily Share Your Data While Protecting First-Party Data Ownership

Simplify data sharing across organizations and get flexibility and control without any cumbersome legal processes. Operating companies can now create separate instances within our app, get valuable insights, and maintain full data ownership while sharing data with managing organizations to allow unique insights and better understand relative performance.

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Stratusphere FinOps

Take Control of Your Complex AWS Environments

No more guesswork. Cut your AWS costs without compromising on performance.

AWS Cloud Cost Optimization & Management

Always ensure your cloud spending is optimized. Now, you can get the data-driven insights you need to make well-informed financial decisions for your organization. See a full breakdown of your cloud usage costs–down to the dollar–so you can uncover opportunities to maximize your savings.

Complex AWS Environments Visibility

Confidently navigate your AWS infrastructure with unparalleled visibility into complex cloud environments without impacting first-party data ownership. Designed to provide PE firms and large enterprises with multi-account AWS users, you can access a comprehensive shared view of AWS cloud cost across all environments in your portfolio and gain control over all cloud environments, enhancing trust, efficiency, and performance.

FinOps AWS Collaboration

Tailored for finance professionals, our Analysis dashboard mirrors a P&L report. Seamlessly tie usage costs to projections, and easily export data to align items like user activity and content watch time. This data transforms cost projections, revolutionizing financial modeling. Now, you can effortlessly monitor AWS expenses, reduce manual tasks and boost real-time pricing and forecasting visibility.

Your AWS Consulting Partner

Stratusphere FinOps is the culmination of our deep AWS expertise, designed to give you unparalleled cloud insights. No more guesswork.

SG Crunchyroll SP

Inside Crunchyroll's Transformation Journey 

Crunchyroll's cost optimization project focused on commitment-based savings, configuration savings, and AWS cloud modernization. Stratusphere™ FinOps helped identify savings while the StratusGrid's engineering team executed on them resulting in a 2-month payback period. 

Stratusphere FinOps

Knowledge Base

Find answers to your questions instantly in our comprehensive knowledge base. And if you need further assistance, we're just a message away.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Stratusphere™ FinOps provide most updated data and analytics on our AWS usage?

Absolutely! Stratusphere™ FinOps is engineered to deliver updated insights into your AWS usage. Our dashboard is intuitive and dynamic, updating daily to reflect your current AWS usage and costs. This means you can make informed decisions instantly and ensure optimal cloud cost management and efficiency.

Can Stratusphere™ FinOps integrate data from different companies into a single dashboard?

Yes, one of the standout features of Stratusphere™ FinOps is its ability to integrate data from multiple companies & AWS organizations into a unified dashboard seamlessly. For private equity firms with a diverse portfolio of companies, this means you can have a centralized view of AWS costs and usage, enabling efficient analysis and cost optimization across the board.

Can we customize who has access to the shared views within our organization?

Certainly! We understand the importance of data privacy and security. With Stratusphere™ FinOps, you have complete control over access permissions. You can easily customize who within your organization can view and interact with the shared data, ensuring confidentiality and integrity while promoting collaboration and insight sharing.

Can it provide predictive analytics or trends based on current data?

Yes, Stratusphere™ FinOps is not just about presenting data but also about offering actionable insights. Our advanced algorithms analyze your current AWS usage and cost data to predict future trends. This predictive analytics feature empowers you to anticipate and anticipate for future costs while executing actionable insights ranked by level of effort. 

How user-friendly is the financial analysis feature for non-tech finance professionals?

We’ve designed Stratusphere™ FinOps with user experience at the forefront. Finance professionals, regardless of their tech savviness, will find the financial analysis features intuitive and easy to use. The dashboard mirrors a P&L report, with data export options and real-time insights that transform cost projections and financial modeling. It’s financial analysis, simplified!

Does Stratusphere™ FinOps support the execution of cost-saving actions identified by the dashboard?

Our proserve does this with you. You will be backed by the StratusGrid team of experienced AWS cloud engineers ready to implement cost-saving changes, ensuring that identified savings are realized.

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