What is Stratusphere™ FinOps? An AWS Cost Optimization Tool

Stratusphere™ FinOps is an AWS cloud cost management platform that optimizes expenses by providing actionable insights for cloud cost optimization.



Stratusphere™ FinOps is StratusGrid’s software to reduce your AWS Cloud costs. It enables you to take full control of your intricate AWS environment. Stratusphere’s clear, actionable insights are ranked by Level of Effort to put savings into action. Optimize your cloud costs with our dashboards and prioritize your efforts using our data. Discover all our key features and benefits below.

3 Core Features of Stratusphere™ FinOps

Stratusphere™ offers a diverse range of functionality. 


1 - Dashboard Overview

View all your AWS spending in our easy-to-understand dashboard. If you have multiple accounts, you can filter your dashboard by AWS account. Using this feature you can visualize your spending and savings across all your accounts.

Stratusphere™ focuses on improving FinOps in your organization. Finance-optimized features such as the Analysis dashboard allow Finance and Leadership teams to understand cloud costs better. This insight improves their participation in the planning and management process.

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2 - Data Integration

You can pull in data from your AWS account to populate your dashboards. This data provides you with a robust understanding of your spending across all your accounts and even multiple companies.

3 - Real-Time Financial Analysis

Stratusphere™ provides you with uncomplicated, real-time analysis of all your spending across your AWS accounts. By consolidating all your information across accounts and companies, you can negotiate your AWS pricing better. The AWS EDP application process becomes simpler with clear insights into your environment. You can also create a stronger, unified strategy for your business to grow.

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Top 3 Benefits of Using Stratusphere™ FinOps

1 - Cost Savings

Stratusphere™ provides you with clear dashboards showing a breakdown of costs and potential savings across different AWS accounts and services. These cost savings recommendations are organized by the Level of Effort needed to remediate them. Stratusphere provides valuable technical documentation that helps you to take the right actions to optimize cloud resource costs.

2 - Efficiency

Each insight, and recommendation Stratusphere™ provides is designed to align with your organizational objectives

With Stratusphere™ in particular, you can improve visibility and collaboration between technology and finance teams. This in turn will help you understand and optimize your KPIs around cloud cost management. Stratusphere continuously provides new recommendations, as they’re discovered, to ensure you continue delivering optimal results after your initial cost optimization project is complete.

3 - Actionable Insights

Stratusphere provides a Findings report, showing the specific cloud resources that have been flagged as cost optimization candidates.

Our Level of Effort classification provides technical and non-technical teams a shared understanding of priorities. That way everyone can understand the company’s potential savings, and determine which items to tackle first.

Stratusphere™ FinOps Use Cases

Using Stratusphere™, Private Equity firms can drive profitability across their portfolio with strategic cloud cost optimization. This data empowers you to include cloud costs in your M&A strategies. 

Large enterprises can also benefit from Stratusphere™. ROI improves by removal or reconfiguration of cloud resources that are under-utilized. You also get complete visibility of costs incurred, and cost savings opportunities, across your AWS environment. See a full breakdown of your cloud usage costs down to the cent. This breakdown helps you to understand trends and uncover opportunities to maximize your savings.

How Is Stratusphere™ FinOps Different From AWS Native Tools?

Stratusphere™ is a FinOps-focused software looking at cloud cost optimization. By specializing in FinOps, we offer a more robust solution than AWS native tools.

For more information, dive into the differences between Stratusphere and AWS native tools or watch the video below:

How to Get Started with Stratusphere™

Step into the forefront of AWS cost optimization with Stratusphere™ by StratusGrid. Our advanced tool is specifically engineered to streamline your AWS costs, ensuring every dollar contributes to your business's growth and efficiency. With Stratusphere™, you gain access to unique insights and actionable strategies tailored to your singular AWS environment.

Don't let complex cloud costs hinder your progress. Embrace clarity and control today. Contact us to schedule a demo and a free trial and see firsthand how Stratusphere™ can transform your AWS cost optimization journey.

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