Stratusphere FinOps

The Ultimate FinOps Solution for Large Enterprises

Access a comprehensive shared view of AWS cloud costs across all environments, and get actionable optimization insights ranked by level of effort (LoE) and accurate estimates of dollars saved per optimization.

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StratusGrid is an amazing company to work with. StratusGrid represents AWS well in it's customer service, positive attitude, amazing culture, and just an all around outstanding team/company!"

Built for Large Enterprises

Navigate Complex AWS Environments With Confidence

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Gain Rapid ROI and Immediate Time-to-Value

We understand the urgency of building business-critical features. That’s why we deliver cost optimization results instantly.

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Get Complete Visibility Into Complex AWS Environments

Better navigate your AWS infrastructure with visibility into all complex cloud environments and no impact on first-party data ownership.

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Empower Your Decisions With Insightful Recommendations

Benefit from data-driven insights that identify opportunities and pitfalls. We’ll help execute optimizations, migrations, or modernizations to drive optimal cloud utilization.

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Get Detailed Cost Analysis, Right Down to the Cent

See a full breakdown of your cloud usage costs–down to the cent–so you can understand trends and uncover opportunities to maximize your savings.

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Seamlessly Migrate to the Cloud

  • Migration Assessment & Planning
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Data Migration Tools
  • Application Porting
  • Training & Support


Optimize for Efficiency and Cost Savings

  • Stratusphere FinOps™
  • Resource Optimization
  • Security Review
  • Backup & DR Planning
  • Performance Monitoring


Modernize & Future-Proof Your Business

  • Serverless Transition
  • Containerization with AWS
  • Advanced Data Solutions
  • DevOps Integration
  • Multi-Region Deployment

See StratusphereFinOps in Action

Large Enterprises Now Can Drive Profitability Through Strategic Cloud Cost Management

  • PPA EDP Planning

    AWS PPA/EDP Planning

    Strategically plan AWS commitments and enjoy significant volume discounts.
  • Consolidated Reporting

    Consolidated Reporting

    Make informed decisions with aggregated cloud spending insights.
  • Data Ownership Assurance

    Data Ownership Assurance

    Rest easy knowing your departments' data is secure and truly theirs.
  • Aquisition Cost Strategy

    Acquisition Cost Strategy

    Seamlessly integrate cloud costs into your M&A strategies for optimal outcomes.
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Inside Crunchyroll's Transformation Journey

Crunchyroll's cost optimization project focused on commitment-based savings, configuration savings, and AWS cloud modernization. Stratusphere™ FinOps helped identify savings while the StratusGrid's engineering team executed on them resulting in a rapid payback period.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Stratusphere FinOps cater specifically to large enterprises using AWS?

Stratusphere FinOps is designed with large enterprises in mind, offering a comprehensive view of AWS cloud costs, actionable optimization insights by level of effort, and tools tailored to complex AWS environments.

Why is AWS cloud cost optimization crucial for enterprises?

As enterprises scale, AWS costs can escalate. Effective cost optimization ensures that enterprises get the best value, maximizing ROI while maintaining performance.

What enterprise-specific challenges does Stratusphere FinOps address in AWS cloud migration?

We understand the complexities of large enterprise operations, offering solutions like infrastructure setup, data migration tools, and application porting tailored to large-scale needs.

Stratusphere FinOps

Eliminate Blind Spots and Enhance Efficiency