How is Stratusphere™ FinOps Different From AWS Native Tools?

Discover the advantages of Stratusphere™ FinOps over native AWS Cost Optimizer tools, how it enhances cloud cost management and drives greater savings.



In an effort to significantly reduce costs and manage their computing needs, more and more companies are moving to the cloud—specifically to Amazon Web Services (AWS). In fact, with millions of active customers and tens of thousands of partners globally, AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud

Part of the allure is that AWS offers the widest variety of databases that are purpose-built for different types of applications so companies can choose the right tool for the job to get the best cost and performance.

And with Amazon-certified partners, companies can get even more out of the cloud. In the area of cost-optimization alone, Stratusphere™ FinOps by StratusGrid, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, allows organizations to better reduce cloud costs and take more control of their complex AWS environments. 

An Overview of Native AWS Cost Optimizer Tools

AWS offers different native tools to improve your cost optimization in your cloud environment. These are the key ones:

  • AWS Cost Explorer

  • AWS Trusted Advisor

  • AWS Budget

  • Amazon CloudWatch

  • AWS CloudTrail

Stratusphere™ FinOps: Gain Maximum Savings with Minimum Effort

With Stratusphere™ FinOps, companies can always ensure that their cloud spending is optimized. Dashboard features such as Potential Savings Stack Ranking and Total Potential Savings Over Benchmark give businesses actionable insights to optimize AWS monthly costs.

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Accurate stack rankings of action items are categorized by the level of effort needed for cost optimization. Managers can instantly see inefficient line items and prioritize to-do lists for potential savings.

Stratusphere™ FinOps vs. Native AWS Tools: The Difference

Because Stratusphere™ FinOps focuses only on cloud cost-optimization, it’s able to offer a more robust offering than is found in AWS native cost-optimization tools. Here are a few of the specific features that Stratusphere™ FinOps provides that are not available in the native AWS tooling:

1. Entire Portfolio Views

Current solutions on the market focus on providing in-depth information for a specific operating organization. Stratusphere™ FinOps is the only product that brings together a consolidated view of an entire portfolio’s cloud environments and helps companies identify optimal areas of improvement within the operating organizations.

2. Better Context of Costs

AWS Cost Explorer does a great job of letting you dig into granular costs for charges linked to a single-payer account or organization. Stratusphere™ FinOps, on the other hand, focuses on informing FinOps programs inside of an organization to help understand, plan for, and optimize costs. 

Learn more about Stratusphere™ FinOps’s data-sharing capabilities in this video:


Finance-optimized features like the Analysis dashboard view help Finance and Leadership teams better understand cloud costs and participate in the planning and management process. Stratusphere™ FinOps’s goal is to remove as much of the low-level analysis, reporting, and optimization work as possible so engineers can focus on the high-value work that requires unique context for the organization and technical capabilities.

3. Level-of-Effort analysis

LoE helps inform what is achievable in savings versus what would require deeper analysis or re-architecture. Stratusphere™ FinOps categorizes and prioritizes findings out of the box. This helps technical and non-technical team members have a shared understanding of the potential for savings and where to focus.

Stratusphere™ FinOps brings all this data into one tool and helps companies understand not only current costs and optimization potential, but also relative performance between accounts or organizations, and performance over time for an organization.

stratusgrid.comhubfsLooking for AWS Cost Optimization Tools? Meet StratusphereTM FinOps by StratusGrid

4. Single and multi-organization consolidated views of information

Most of the native AWS tooling is localized to a single account boundary, with some able to show across an entire organization at the payer account level. Stratusphere™ FinOps consolidates all that information and helps teams analyze and optimize costs across many accounts in many distinct organizations with separate payers.

This is especially valuable in organizations with separate operating companies where costs and permissions need to remain separate. With Stratusphere™ FinOps, those organizations could achieve better cost optimization if they utilize the data across all companies to better negotiate pricing, inform strategy, etc.

Private Equity Firms, Enterprises, and Managed Services Providers are all receiving value from Stratusphere™ FinOps in this way.

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