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Increase in Company valuation
Disclaimer: An arbitrary 5x multiple on EBITDA


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Our Approach to AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Solutions

Using 10+ years of industry best practices we built Stratusphere™ FinOps to identify potential savings ranked by level of effort so our team of AWS-certified experts help you get immediate time-to-value.

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Stratusphere™ FinOps Deployment

Stratusphere™ FinOps is easily integrated with a single CloudFormation script and will rapidly (within 24 hrs) allow you to understand costs, potential savings, and cost efficiency inside your entire AWS environment.

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Analysis and Planning

At StratusGrid, our approach to AWS stabilization goes beyond automation. While automation plays a crucial role in identifying and resolving issues, we supplement our services with manual review and deeper analysis.

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Decisions and Alignment

Gain a partner who will work with internal stakeholders to ensure your cost optimization plan is in tip-top shape before execution. We will plan execution and minimize the load on internal team members so they can deliver business-critical features.



Our team can make changes in any standard infrastructure code such as Terraform, CloudFormation, CDK, Pulumi, or Serverless Framework to ensure changes are consistent across environments and implemented systematically in modules or libraries as needed.


Maintenance and Monitoring

Cost optimization efforts are not only remedial but result in systematic changes that deliver lasting improvements. Get a partner who collaborates and educates your internal teams, implements change as code, and gives visibility to key metrics.


Our partnerships with StratusGrid and AWS have proven to be a valuable asset for building a solid foundation around scalable cloud applications and modern DevOps practices."

How Does Stratusphere™ FinOps Add Value?


Speed to Value

Easy deployment, minimal overhead, and immediate savings identified.

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100% Visibility

Complete visibility into complex AWS environments. Updated daily

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Level-of-Effort Information

Understand which optimizations to target for maximum impact vs. effort.

Why StratusGrid?

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Cost Optimization Expertise

With 10+ years helping customers successfully optimize their cloud environment, our team brings a unique skill set to the table. We've successfully executed numerous cost optimization projects, helping organizations optimize their cloud usage. With a proven track record of delivering on-time and with the highest quality, we're your trusted partner for a smooth journey.

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Automation & DevOps Practices

At StratusGrid, we embrace the power of automation and DevOps practices. We integrate automation into every stage of the optimization process, streamlining operations, reducing errors, and accelerating deployment. Our commitment to DevOps principles ensures that your applications and workloads are optimized for the best cloud performance, agility, and scalability.

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Security and Compliance

Security is a must in the cloud, and we take it seriously. StratusGrid is dedicated to safeguarding your data and applications, and we are proud to be SOC2 certified. We provide comprehensive security solutions and compliance expertise to meet stringent regulatory requirements. Additionally, we've assisted numerous companies across different industries in implementing controls to achieve PCI and HIPAA compliance.

Industries We Serve


Media & Entertainment

Get next-gen content delivery that gives you a competitive edge. Our team has experience building scalable streaming platforms, expanding them to serve new regions, and ensuring they are always responsive and stable.

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Supply Chain Logistics & Advanced Manufacturing 

We became an AWS supply chain competency launch partner in 2022. We support digital transformation, including cloud migration, modernization, and stabilization. Our team helps you enhance your digital products at scale.

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Healthcare Tech & FinTech

It’s mission-critical to protect personal information for finance and health-based institutions. StratusGrid is SOC2 Type 2 certified and HIPAA compliant, helping you build a secure architecture while ensuring rapid feature development.

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Inside Crunchyroll’s Cost Optimization Journey

Crunchyroll's cost optimization project focused on commitment-based savings, configuration savings, and AWS cloud modernization. Stratusphere™ FinOps helped identify potential savings, allowing them to reduce AWS costs by up to 18x.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWS cost optimization and how can it benefit my organization?

AWS cost optimization is the strategic process of managing and reducing your organization's AWS spending, ensuring that every dollar is well-spent. Our solutions ensure that you’re not just saving money but enhancing performance, security, and scalability. Every insight, recommendation, and action is designed to align with your organizational objectives, driving cost savings and value to your business.

Can StratusGrid assist in AWS migration and modernization while optimizing costs?

Absolutely! StratusGrid can seamlessly integrate AWS migration, stabilization, modernization, and cost optimization. Every step, every process, every action is meticulously planned and executed to ensure that your modernized AWS environment is a powerhouse of efficiency, all while keeping the costs at bay.

Can you help in achieving specific compliance requirements while optimizing costs?

Yes, and we excel at it! Compliance and cost optimization are not mutually exclusive; they are harmoniously integrated. We make sure your AWS environments are compliant without inflating costs. Our strategies are crafted to align compliance with cost optimization, ensuring one doesn’t compromise the other. 

How quickly can you identify potential savings in my AWS environment?

With StratusGrid’s solutions, expect to discover potential savings within hours of deployment. Our sophisticated tools and expert team ensure your journey to an optimized AWS environment begins almost immediately, with tangible insights and actions

Can AWS cost optimization improve the performance of my applications?

Undoubtedly! At StratusGrid, we believe that cost optimization and performance improvement are two sides of the same coin. Our AWS cost optimization strategies are engineered to not only reduce costs but to elevate the performance of your applications. We ensure reduced latency, enhanced scalability, and improved user experiences, all while cutting down costs.

Can you help with detailed AWS cost reporting?

Absolutely! StratusGrid takes AWS cost reporting to the next level. Through Stratusphere™ Finops, our cloud cost management dashboard, we can offer detailed, insightful, and actionable reports that transform data into strategic assets. Every cost, every saving opportunity is meticulously documented and analyzed, providing you with a clear, comprehensive view of your AWS spending.

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