Existing AWS Environment Improved for Wellbeing Media Organization

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About Amplified Life Network

Our mission is to reduce human suffering and enhance wellness and productivity by using our clinical, creative, and technical expertise to deliver a full spectrum of behavioral health resources including print, digital and clinical care to consumers, employers, EAPs and other distributors of behavioral healthcare.

The Challenge

As part of Amplified Life Network’s stated mission, they produce, host, and license custom-branded interactive wellbeing media for EAPs, but they were needing some assistance to fully benefit from their existing AWS environment. They were using Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloudfront to securely host content, support scalability, and track utilization, but it had not been fully set up by a previous vendor.Amplified Life Network is committed to bringing best-in-class, interactive well-being media to EAPs and those they serve, and StratusGrid was uniquely positioned to help them accomplish this with their deep AWS acumen.

The Solution

StratusGrid quickly determined Amplified Life’s CloudFront distribution was not being utilized effectively. While they had received assistance in setting up a CloudFront distribution, they had never been advised on how to use it.

StratusGrid properly reconfigured the CloudFront distribution, built analytics with Amazon Athena, and brought to light best practices to increase security and organization of content and data. StratusGrid also designed and built a custom Lambda function that uses a Simple Notification Service (SNS) to improve communication while using the platform.

The Benefits

Technical Know-How
Following a technical demonstration of these improvements, Amplified Life Network could now use their valuable cloud tools to the fullest extent. StratusGrid was able to isolate other areas of need, and it was simple to design and build additional customization to meet their evolving needs.
The Power of AWS
Amplified Life Network was able to utilize Amazon S3 for cloud storage, Amazon CloudFront for link distribution, Amazon Athena for generating key performance metrics, AWS Lambda for custom functions, and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) for sending out simple messaging to their clients.
Evolving Partnerships
StratusGrid’s partnership with Amplified Life Network is strong and evolving, especially since they have seen the clear benefits of useful AWS cloud offerings to manage and distribute large amounts of content quickly and efficiently. We anticipate working with them again to further develop their platform and increase usage of AWS technologies.

Amplified Life Network Case Study

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Next Steps

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