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Event company makes the move to the cloud

From on-premise to the AWS cloud the change made a big difference.


Don’t just take our word for it

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    As a neophyte in the web / virtual technology world, I was at a loss when I reached out to StratusGrid. They sure had their work cut out for them having to understand what we were looking for, and in return, explain what we needed. Thanks to the StratusGrid team's hard work and patience, not to mention how friendly, knowledgeable, and always available to answer questions or concerns we might have, this daunting endeavor ended up being the best experience we could have imagined. Their solution is so easy to use and knowing they are always there to support us along our journey makes StratusGrid all the more valuable to us.”

About Pro-X Event

As an established trade show and large events leader, Pro-X Event prides itself on its history of partnering with its clients. Pro-X Event is a “full-service provider” offering important services such as designing, manufacturing, and installing museum exhibits, showroom displays, mobile shops, point of sale kiosks, and experiential event activations. 

The challenge

In light of COVID-19, Pro-X pivoted to provide solutions that address the business challenges facing the event industry, such as the issues of social distancing barriers and webcasting equipment, software, and services to provide virtual meetings webinars, exhibits, and trade shows.

It was apparent that the hosting offered by the vendor of their content creation software was not performing well for their customers..

The solution

StratusGrid determined the AWS platform was a great fit, using S3 to store event assets. CloudFront was configured to serve the content to visitors and Route 53 created short, user-friendly addresses that Pro-X’s customers could offer to visitors when the event was launched.

A CI/CD pipeline was developed in order to assist Pro-X Event in the publishing of the virtual events. The assets were then extracted to the relevant S3 bucket for the staged event, making its availability immediate for the customer via the Internet.


StratusGrid & Agile Business Strategies

We were able to help Pro-X embrace the virtual events arena in ways that enhance, empower, and create unique and strategic offerings for clients in this all-important virtual event space using AWS offerings, such as Amazon S3 AWS CloudFront, Route 53, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CodeBuild.

Supporting Virtual Business Needs

Pro-X Event benefitted from our expertise deploying cloud technology and services to support Pro-X Event’s needs for a new line of business focused on the hosting of virtual events, trade shows, and conferences of high quality.

AWS Partnership Provides Benefits

StratusGrid, through their Advanced Consulting Partnership with AWS, empowered Pro-X Event during times of economic uncertainty to remain relevant and competitive, as well as continuing to grow as an event industry leader.

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