How AWS Stabilization Can Help Enhance Performance and Reduce Costs

Discover StratusGrid's AWS stabilization strategies to boost performance and slash costs. Learn expert tips for efficient cloud management now!



Rather than keep software-driven platforms on-premise, more and more organizations are moving them to the cloud. Capital expenditures for hardware and physical infrastructure are dramatically decreased if not eliminated. However, that’s only half of the equation.

To maximize savings, companies need to carefully manage and optimize cloud costs. That’s where StratusGrid comes in.

StatusGrid: Your One-Stop Shop for AWS Cloud Services

As a certified AWS Consulting Partner, StratusGrid helps maximize your cloud usage—and minimize your cloud costs—through tailored software solutions. Among the ways we do this are through migration, modernization, and stabilization. 

What follows is a summary of how StratusGrid AWS stabilization services can help you get the most out of your cloud for the least cost.

How Your Company Can Benefit From AWS Stabilization

Unfortunately, cloud platforms can face many issues: scaling beyond original designs, unanticipated technical debt, regional usage variations, misunderstood traffic patterns, and more. These challenges can significantly impact your organization’s ability to consistently and efficiently deliver expected services.

AWS stability refers to the consistent, reliable performance of your cloud-based infrastructure and applications. A stable AWS environment operates smoothly, without frequent outages, slowdowns, or disruptions. 

StratusGrid delivers AWS stabilization with a systematic approach that combines enhanced monitoring, observability, troubleshooting, and tailored modernizations of your platform. All to resolve critical issues and ensure your platform remains stable, reliable, and ready for the future. 

With StratusGrid AWS stabilization, your company can benefit in the following ways:

  1. Platform reliability: Ensure your platform remains operational even when facing unforeseen challenges. Minimize downtime and disruptions to your business-critical services.
  2. User confidence: Increase customer trust and loyalty with more reliable services provided by a more stable platform.
  3. Cost savings: Reduce operational costs by Identifying and addressing inefficiencies.
  4. Improved scalability: Achieve massive scalability by accommodating increased user demands without compromising performance or reliability.
  5. Competitive advantage: Use platform stability as a competitive edge, attracting customers who prioritize reliability and performance when choosing a service provider.

StratusGrid AWS Stabilization 101

Serving enterprises and private equity firms, we specialize in the following industries: media and entertainment, supply chain logistics and advanced manufacturing, and health and finance tech. Our team has successfully tackled issues in environments with millions of active users, on platforms serving terabytes of data per minute, and in geographically distributed systems. 

We implement real-user monitoring (RUM), application performance monitoring (APM), and other observability tools to enhance a system’s visibility.

Other components include:

  • Autoscaling
  • High availability architecture
  • Load balancing
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Security enhancements
  • Database optimization
  • Infrastructure as code

By optimizing performance, addressing scalability issues, and fine-tuning your cloud environment, we ensure your platform remains stable under pressure. All of which means uninterrupted service delivery, improved customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge. 

Whether it’s improving latency for a globally distributed platform, solving scaling bottlenecks, or root-causing intermittent failures in user workflows, our team has a proven track record of overcoming complex problems to unlock your next growth stage. 

StratusGrid Success Highlights

🌟 20% automated savings identified on average
🌟 $5 million estimated savings identified last quarter
🌟 10% more savings by reviewing large workloads

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We Can Help You Stabilize Your Cloud Platform in 6 Steps

Our proven stabilization methodology adheres to the following six-step roadmap:

1. Kickoff and Alignment

  • Establish clear communication channels.
  • Define the problem.
  • Identify project stakeholders.
  • Set the foundation for effective collaboration.

2. In-depth Environment Analysis

  • Explore your platform metrics, logs, monitoring tools, and testing protocols.
  • Gain a comprehensive system perspective.

3. Visibility Amplification

  • Boost visibility through observability toolings, such as real-user monitoring (RUM) and application performance monitoring (APM).

4. Hypotheses Formulation and Testing

  • Craft hypotheses to prioritize issues.
  • Test and validate assumptions with your team.

5. Root Cause Resolution

  • Work with you to identify and resolve the issue's root causes.
  • Provide clear documentation and actionable recommendations post-remediation

6. Go-forward Strategy

  • Create roadmaps to enhance platform technology.
  • Refine processes.
  • Bolster team competencies to ensure long-term stability.

We Can Show You Ways to Minimize Your Cloud Costs

With StratusGrid stabilization services, you’ll gain operational stability even in the face of unforeseen challenges. Contact us today and embark on a journey towards streamlined, cost-effective cloud management. Embrace the power of optimized AWS stabilization and watch your business thrive.

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