Creating a New Organization in Stratusphere™ FinOps

Learn how to create a new organization in Stratusphere™ FinOps. Elevate your management skills by setting up your organization efficiently and effectively.

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  1. Log in as a user with system level access.

  2. Go to your user profile > “My Organizations” and click “Create Organization”.


    Create Organization

  3. Enter the name for the organization, select the organization type, and click “Create Organization” and then OK.


    Enter the name for the organization

  4. You should now see it in the Organization Selector - change to that organization.


    Organization Selector

  5. Go to Organization settings > Team Members and click “Invite team member”.


    Invite team member

  6. Create the admin account for the organization.


    Create the admin account for the organization

  7. That new user should now be able to activate their account and create a new data source integration!

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