Lambda Event Handler EBS BurstBalance Module on Terraform

Automate AWS EBS monitoring with StratusGrid's Lambda module, optimizing storage volume monitoring with real-time event handling.



The StratusGrid Lambda Event Handler for EBS BurstBalance Terraform module is a key tool for efficient AWS EBS performance monitoring. Available on the Terraform Registry and GitHub, this module automates EBS volume BurstBalance monitoring.

Automated EBS Monitoring

The module uses AWS Lambda to proactively respond to EBS BurstBalance events, enhancing storage performance management and preventing issues.

Key Features

  • Automated Event Handling: Reacts to EBS volumes low on bursting capacity.
  • Alarm on EBS Performance: Raises alarm when EBS volumes are near performance risk levels.
  • Automated Cleanup: Removes CloudWatch alarms when EBS volumes are deleted.

Practical Use Cases

  1. Resource Management: Monitors resources when new EBS volumes are created.
  2. Storage Monitoring: Ensures operations awareness of potential decrease in EBS performance.

Getting Started

Implementing the Lambda Event Handler for EBS BurstBalance is straightforward. Integrate it into your AWS setup to enhance your EBS monitoring and management capabilities.

Explore the StratusGrid Lambda Event Handler EBS BurstBalance Module on Terraform

Dive deeper into the capabilities of our Terraform module by visiting the StratusGrid repository. Here, you'll find comprehensive documentation, examples, and the latest updates to ensure your AWS configurations are managed efficiently and securely.

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