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StratusGrid Launch
What we do

StratusGrid is a next generation managed services company utilizing Transformational Intelligence™ to provide precise cloud strategy, implementation, migration and management.

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From combined decades of cloud computing experience we created the Transformational Intelligence™ process, giving you the information required to make informed strategy decisions.

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IT Situational Assessment

Evaluate existing costs including node utilization, storage, scaling efficiency, dependency map, migration timeline, and budget.

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Intelligent Deployment Options

Provide options and recommendations based on the situational assessment and current transformation options.

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Architect, deploy, and verify transformed systems before cutover. Perform the transition with all hands on deck.

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Ensure the smooth operation of your new systems with predictive technologies, finding potential problems before they surface.


Partner with StratusGrid and improve your business. We raise the bottom line in more ways than one.

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Transformational Intelligence


Transform your legacy systems into next-generation infrastructure

Managed Transformation™
Intelligent Migration

A Managed Transformation™ takes your traditional infrastructure and automates the creation, deployment, management, scaling and financial optimization. In this process we utilize powerful infrastructure as code tools to allow your infrastructure to be deployed and redeployed in the same efficient manner that your applications are deployed. Did you cringe at the thought of that? Don’t worry! We can help you become much more efficient with your software deployments as well.

Serverless Transformation™
Efficient Applications

A Serverless Transformation™ is a revolutionary method that gives your application the freedom to run without having to rely on a typical server infrastructure. By going serverless we can break away from the maintenance of operating systems, patches, language revisions, scaling, and fault tolerance just to name a few. This allows the focus to remain on core business problems as opposed to machine management. We will decouple your application from traditional compute resources and allow the application to be run on individual cloud services, removing the limits of conventional hardware. This in turn allows your application to automatically nanoscale based on individual compute cycles required as opposed to firing up entirely new machines. A serverless architecture is far more efficient than standard server-based applications while removing single points of failure and having disaster recovery included automatically.

Server Architecture
Serverless Architecture
StratusGrid Automated Operations (AutoOps™)
Nextgen Devops

AutoOps is a way to automate administrative tasks associated with software deployment. Need an automated deployment pipeline for dev or test? Need to automate the ship to production once all has been tested? Let us show you how AutoOps will take your DevOps to the next level.

Containerization Transformation™
Instance Efficiency

Containerization allows you to run multiple applications on shared hardware. Think of it as virtualization for your applications. In legacy hardware virtualization, a hypervisor can run one or more guest operating systems. Each operating system acts as if it is in control of the entire machine. With containers, applications can be virtualized more efficiently and run as if they control the entire OS user space.

Transformation Automation™
Dynamic Infrastructure

If you are only in need of assistance automating your cloud environment to make it more efficient, include reliable monitoring, alerting, disaster recovery, or efficient resource allocation,, look no further! We can provide simple analysis and suggestions, or we can provide the implementation services to make sure you are ready for production!

Critical Defense Controls

Protect and maintain your critical information with up-to-date vulnerability assessments.

Case Studies

Proven and Successful Missions.

C.S. — 1


A small startup with big ambitions.

C.S. — 2


A growing organization needed a strategic, highly-secure and scalable solution.

C.S. — 1

"IllumiCare is a small startup with big ambitions. We needed to rewrite version 1.0 (a prototype, really), and at the same time engineer it into AWS in an enterprise fashion, with stringent security (we manage PHI). While we had the appropriate resources for building the software, we lacked the internal resources to accomplish the myriad of DevOps tasks that go along with an effort of this magnitude, both on the build-out and during ongoing services. Basically, we needed a partner capable of building a solution and then subsequently managing it.

StratusGrid provided us with that partner, and worked with us in a team environment. What has resulted from this effort is a business continuity setup, across three data centers, extremely tight security, and the ability to manage the infrastructure and applications remotely through the use of secure tools. This has prepared our startup for success as we bring on customers and move into the managed services phase of our partnership."

Joseph Wortmann, CTO

C.S. — 2

"As a growing organization, YourCareUniverse needed a strategic, highly-secure and scalable solution which not only enabled us to deploy our applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS) but also ensured adherence to a strict security environment. StratusGrid offered us all that while becoming an extension of our team immediately. The ownership and pride that the StratusGrid team takes in their work is commendable.

With StratusGrid partnership, in only six months’ time, we went from having nothing in AWS to a comprehensive legacy environment serving over 100 customers, a full automation suite, and several new features and platforms. We look forward to the continued partnership with StratusGrid as we grow and add more platforms to the mix."

Bob Marinaro, Director of Operations

Why Choose Us?

You have a dream. We have a launchpad. Let’s shoot for the moon.

  • World-Class Support

  • Tiered Strategies

  • Long-Term Partnerships

  • Top-Flight Dev Team

  • Deep Architectural Knowledge

  • Timely Innovation

  • Unique Approach

  • Growth Management

Mission Control

Our leadership has been at the forefront of cloud computing for over a decade.

StratusGrid Justin
Justin Schultz
Squad Leader
A technologist by day and problem solver by nature with a love for innovation and disruption. He has spent the last 15 years understanding business culture and needs while delivering innovating solutions that have created core business advantages for customers in new and existing markets.
StratusGrid Chris
Chris Hurst
Crew Chief
A lifelong learner with a passion for process improvement and custom tailored solutions. Chris excels at turning impossible ideas into repeatable solutions.