How to Share Your Data With Another Organization in Stratusphere™

Discover how to share your data with another organization using Stratusphere™. We'll guide you through each step, ensuring efficient data collaboration.

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One of the core features of Stratusphere is the ability to share access to the data with another organization. This is as simple as going into the Data Sharing tab under Organization Settings and inviting the other organization to access the data.


  • The UUID of the managing organization you want to share data with (e.g. fdae4f80-8957-4c46-8bf1-252cf43ef80e).

      • You can find this in the “Data Sharing” tab in your Organization’s Settings page.

    “Data Sharing” tab in your Organization’s Settings page


  1. Go to the Data Sharing tab in your Stratusphere Organization Settings page.


    Go to the Data Sharing tab

  2. Click 'Invite Organization”.


    Click Invite Organization

  3. Enter the Organization ID and click “OK” then “OK” to confirm.


    Enter the Organization ID

  4. That’s it! Once the other organization accepts your Data Sharing invite they will be able to access data from your organization.


    Data Sharing invite

    Data Sharing invite 2


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