StratusGrid Present at KubeCon 2022 in Spain

Highlights from StratusGrid's participation at KubeCon 2022 in Valencia. Discover insights and innovations shared by our team at this leading event.



Late last month, members from our Spain team attended KubeCon Valencia 2022 . Overall, the event was well-attended and presented many different educational and networking opportunities. Due to time constraints, we were unable to participate on the first day but were in attendance for the rest of the week.

We did note that Wednesday and Thursday seemed to be the busiest and also offered the strongest presentations. We also felt the sessions with the best attendance and topics were related to GitOps, Security, and Chaos engineering.

StratusGrid Present at KubeCon 2022 in Spain 2

StratusGrid Present at KubeCon 2022 in Spain 3

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That being said, here are a few of the sessions we found most insightful:

Creating Your First CNCF Serverless Workflow with Kognito and KNative ,” presented by Red Hat .

-This demo talked about how to integrate Kognito, KNative, and Quarkus in Java to create serverless applications in Kubernetes based on the serverless pattern.

Effective Disaster Recovery: The Day We Deleted Production ,” presented by InfluxData .

-The main topic was to address the problems that can occur by mixing GitOps with CI/CD to Production without any other controls besides code review. In this case, they deleted an entire region of their SaaS service due to a typo (uh-oh)!

Open Policy Agent (OPA) Intro & Deep Dive ,” presented by Google and Styra (the original developers of OPA*).

-This discussion focused on the latest improvements and their integration with Kubernetes through GateKeeper.

*We will be releasing an article regarding OPA soon - stay tuned!

Case Study: Bringing Chaos Engineering to Cloud-Native Developers ,” presented by ChaosNative and Okteto .

-The discussion centered around the integration of Litmus (an Open Source Chaos Engineering tool) with Okteto to bring all the enhancements of Chaos Engineering to developers.

Better Reliability Through Observability and Experimentation ,” presented by Gremlin and Hashicorp .

-This talk showed us the pillars of chaos engineering, briefly explaining the golden signals for monitoring distributed systems. Although this session was mainly based on theoretical concepts, it still presented very useful ideas.

If you are interested in listening to the recorded keynotes and sessions, the files are now available through KubeCon’s website, here . If you have any questions regarding the event, sessions, or our main takeaways, please reach out to us at

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