Everything You Need to Know About StratusGrid’s “Flight School”

Introducing StratusGrid’s 'Flight School': an innovative training program for cloud professionals. Learn about its curriculum, benefits, and impact.



We often hear from applicants that training efforts are a primary concern when considering a career move. StratusGrid is proud to support its team members with a dedicated Flight Instructor.

This role features a learning professional who drives initiatives across the organization for enhanced training and development. The ultimate goal is to build a learning-rich environment for all managers and team members to identify needs and achieve personal goals. Confidentiality is upheld throughout the process, so your learning will grow in the safety of trustworthy collaboration.

The Flight School operates in four primary avenues:

  • Culture of Learning

  • Individual Growth and Development

  • Certification

  • Career Pathways and Leveling Up

Culture of Learning

At StratusGrid, we invest time and resources in all team members’ development. Weekly Lunch & Learns, a core piece of our Culture of Learning, feature team members from across the organization presenting technical or skill-related topics and leading team-building activities.

Another example is company book clubs, in which smaller groups read and discuss implementation strategies of best practices.

Individual Growth and Development

Onboarding at StratusGrid includes an initial meeting with the Flight Instructor to conduct a needs assessment. The results of this assessment inform the Flight Instructor, Hiring Manager, and new team members as they collaboratively design an individualized training plan, the details of which are confidential.

Voluntary personal growth plans are also available once the initial training plan is complete.


We emphasize supporting our team’s education in the form of certifications through AWS coursework, test preparation, and study materials. If you want to enhance your abilities with additional credentials, we want to help!

We offer opportunities via carefully sourced learning providers and courses, including AWS’s dedicated partner training programs. StratusGrid provides testing vouchers and covers the cost of all programs and testing associated with approved career-related learning.

Career Pathways and Leveling Up

At StratusGrid, we want you to thrive from the right balance of challenge and support. That’s why we have built a mentoring program that mentors and mentees both find beneficial. We also encourage participation in our badging system, through which team members can work with Subject Matter Experts to level up in their skills.

We believe no one is ever finished growing, and we are all in a process of improvement as individuals and as an organization.

If this sounds like a place you want to be, tell us a bit more about yourself!

Send your resume and/or cover letter to careers@stratusgrid.com

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