Your AWS Migration Dream Team: Meet the Experts Behind MigrateOne

Streamline your AWS migration with MigrateOne, a partnership of 4 leading AWS experts. Learn how each one of us can revolutionize your AWS journey.



Choosing the right partner for your cloud migration is just as important as selecting the right tools

Fortunately, four leading AWS Migration Partners have combined their expertise to form MigrateOne, a specialized AWS migration solution designed to streamline your journey to the AWS cloud.

Here's a closer look at each partner and their unique contributions to MigrateOne:


As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, we lead the assessment and mobilization phases. 

Our experts at StratusGrid evaluate your cloud readiness, analyze your existing infrastructure, identify areas for optimization, and develop a tailored migration plan that aligns with your business goals. 

We also provide guidance and support throughout the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) to ensure a smooth transition to AWS.


Relutech specializes in mitigating financial and operational risks associated with data center migrations. 

They offer flexible leasing options that allow you to convert data center costs from capital expenditures (CapEx) to operational expenditures (OpEx), freeing up valuable capital for your cloud initiatives. 

Additionally, Relutech provides expert staffing support to address any resource gaps during the migration process, ensuring a seamless transition. They also have extensive experience in data center decommissioning and asset recovery, which helps maximize the value of your existing infrastructure.


Xosphere's intelligent orchestration platform goes beyond simply automating the use of discounted EC2 Spot Instances. It optimizes instance types and sizes based on your specific workload demands. This approach ensures both cost savings and performance

Their platform also provides continuous monitoring and automated scaling, which will keep your AWS environment running efficiently and cost-effectively.


ProsperOps is a leader in cloud cost optimization. They leverage machine learning algorithms to continuously analyze your AWS usage patterns and identify opportunities for savings. 

Their platform automatically implements strategies like rightsizing and Reserved Instances, which helps in maximizing your AWS discounts without requiring manual intervention.

MigrateOne: The Power of Strategic Partnership

MigrateOne is a specialized AWS migration program that leverages the combined expertise of StratusGrid, ReluTech, Xosphere, and ProsperOps.

The MigrateOne solution addresses every aspect of your cloud migration journey, from initial assessment and planning to execution, cost optimization, and ongoing support. Here's what you can expect:

  • Streamlined Migration: A single point of contact and a coordinated approach simplify the complex migration process.
  • Reduced Risk: Financial, technical, and operational risks are mitigated to ensure a smooth and successful transition.
  • Cost Optimization: Strategies and tools are implemented to maximize cost savings both during and after migration.
  • Expertise and Support: Benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of four leading AWS-certified partners throughout your cloud journey.
  • Future-Proofing: Continuous optimization and visibility tools help you build a scalable and adaptable AWS infrastructure that meets your evolving needs.

Together we offer an integrated, and cost-effective solution that leverages the strengths of multiple specialized partners.

By choosing MigrateOne, you benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of 4 leading AWS certified partners.

Ready to start your cloud migration journey with the best in the business? Schedule a consultation with us to discover how MigrateOne can help you migrate your IT environments to the AWS cloud. Take the first step towards a seamless and efficient AWS migration now!

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