Application Modernization: The Benefits of Modernizing with AWS and StratusGrid

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For years, forward-thinking companies have left on-premises servers and data centers for the cost-effective advantages of the cloud. And no wonder. Amazon Web Service (AWS) reports average infrastructure cost savings of 31% from cloud computing versus on-premises. 

But as smart as migrating to the cloud is, there’s still another step companies can—and should—take to ensure they’re taking full advantage of their new digital environment:


What is Cloud Application Modernization?

Cloud modernization is the process of upgrading and optimizing your organization’s cloud infrastructure and applications to enhance performance, security, and scalability. In short, it makes all things good about your AWS cloud services even better.

While cloud migration involves moving your data and applications from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, AWS cloud modernization takes it one giant step further. It entails optimizing these applications to leverage the full potential of cloud features. 

As to where you should turn when the time comes to modernize your cloud environment, seek the experts in AWS cloud modernization: StratusGrid.

StatusGrid: Your One-Stop Shop for AWS Cloud Services

As a certified AWS Consulting Partner, StratusGrid helps maximize your cloud usage—and minimize your cloud costs—through tailored software solutions. Among the ways we do this are through migration, modernization, and stabilization. 

What follows is a look at how StratusGrid modernization can help you get the most out of your cloud for the least cost.

How You Benefit From AWS Application Modernization With StratusGrid

StratusGrid has narrowed its focus to better serve enterprises and private equity firms in media and entertainment, supply chain logistics and advanced manufacturing, and health and finance tech. With experience in over 000 AWS cloud modernizations, we can help you:

  • Be more cost-efficient: Choose the pricing option that best meets your needs. Only pay for the tools you need and allocate resources strategically to support your business goals.
  • Shorten deployment times: Innovate with faster iteration and tighter feedback loops by automating testing and deployment.
  • Improve security: Centralize your security operations, gain real-time visibility into your security posture, and respond to threats quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce work in progress: Decrease the amount of manual work required to manage infrastructure and applications. Let your team focus on more strategic issues.
  • Delight customers: Improve user experience by making your applications faster, more reliable, and more scalable. Remain competitive and meet the growing expectations of your customers.

The StratusGrid Application Modernization Methodology

Guided by best practices developed through years of experience, we’re continually expanding and improving our approaches to modernization. Here’s the process we will use to navigate your cloud’s modernization together:

Alignment and Analysis

  • Identify your organization’s goals.
  • Identify the best ways to measure results.
  • Share a baseline to refer to before work starts.


  • Build a detailed and measurable action plan to make improvements.
  • Ensure the plan aligns with goals and should improve the measures.
  • Perform a risk assessment and identify mitigations.

Pilots and Testing

  • Test assumptions and perform pilots to help de-risk the project.


  • Work alongside your team to execute the plan.
  • Monitor process changes and adjust as needed.

Analysis and Presentation

  • Complete the closing presentation; measure the impact of our work together.
  • Present results to leadership.

Unlock Your Cloud's Full Potential with StratusGrid's Application Modernization Services

Transform your cloud journey with StratusGrid's expert guidance in AWS cloud modernization. 

Not only does cloud modernization with StratusGrid save you money, but AWS reports an average of 69% reduction in unplanned downtime

Elevate your infrastructure's efficiency, security, and scalability with a partner that understands your unique needs. Don't miss out on optimizing your cloud potential— contact us now for a consultation and discover how we can help you achieve unparalleled success in the cloud.

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