Site Documentation

This page is to provide technical documentation of interest when maintaining this site.

The site uses two Custom Post Types:

  • Case Studies uses several custom fields for details about the study, including some droplist options and several narrative description sections.
  • Services needs no custom fields.  But it makes particular use of the Featured Image as the main diagram of the Services process.

Both CPT’s have cover pages listing all posts (using the Elementor Pro “Posts” widget), reached from the main menu.  Case Studies also have a top-3 Posts widget on the Home page.  Both have detail pages controlled by Elementor templates.

There are also Elementor templates governing the Default Kit (site-wide color and typography standards), headers, footer, and section-divider widgets.

The site colors can be seen at  They are:

  • “Dark Orange” (color code fa8d29) and “Yellow Green Color Wheel” (3fae2a) for the main site colors
  • “English Violet” (51355a) for the header text and “Snow” for light-on-dark text.
  • Normal page background is plain white, and text is plain black.
Imagery throughout the site is a “space” theme, with images from the NASA website.  Icons are from the Noun project.