StratusGrid is in the business of partnerships. We have created a repeatable managed IT model using a combination of AWS, Google, and other leading software platforms and applications to ensure security, manageability, and scalability stay at the forefront for our clients.

We support many industries, including real estate, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and more who are interested in a modern, cloud-first approach to managing their IT needs. Our clients often value partnerships, cloud technology, and are open to the idea of departing from the traditional IT mindset of heavy reliance on physical infrastructure hardware, outdated applications, and expensive or resource-heavy patching and management methods. As a result, they benefit from manageable and consistent operational expenses, simple and secure operations, and a smooth end-user experience.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we should all be prepared for the future of work being flexible and remote. The cloud mindset puts you and your success in your own hands. If you are interested in managed services for the 21st century, launch with us today!

StratusGrid takes a modern approach to development. In traditional development, there is a process of design, run, and build with an entire front end and/or back end installation required. With AWS Lambda, we have the ability to develop with a serverless methodology.

With serverless technology, you can create individual environments for specific parts of a process or application and assign requisite resources to them individually. This allows for scale, independently and almost infinitely, up or down depending on performance requirements. Additionally, you can identify specific trouble areas or non-optimized sections without affecting the rest of the code or application. You do not have to update the whole thing, but rather just the section(s) that need the most attention. The traditional approach could require a massive amount of new or re-development, even to make small changes, and few have the time or resources for that with the speed and complexity of business today.

By using a modern application development approach, without the need to implement, patch, or manage with extensive resources, you can travel at the speed of success.

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