Serverless Application Development

StratusGrid strongly recommends building software applications with serverless technologies and defining infrastructure as code. Below are some of the core benefits of adopting these development technologies and methodologies.

Serverless Architecture

  • Scalability: Your application can scale almost instantly to meet the immediate user demand.
  • Resiliency: You never worry about a web server or database instance going down causing your application to be unavailable. You never worry about backups or losing data. As long as AWS is available, your application and data will be available too!
  • Cost Management: You only pay for what you use. Instead of paying for server instances at a fixed rate, with serverless you only pay for what you use, and the costs of operation naturally ebb and flow with the growth or requirements of your business.
  • Speed: You can rapidly build the application without all of the boilerplate work normally involved and iterate quickly by getting new features deployed regularly.

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)

Consistency: IaC completely standardizes the setup of infrastructure so there is a reduced possibility of any errors or deviations. This will decrease the chances of incompatibility issues with your infrastructure and help your application run more smoothly. When all environments are guaranteed to be the same, you can be certain that your application will work as expected when deployed to production.

Repeatability: Adding new infrastructure for new application functionality is simple when you have a collection of reusable IaC components at your disposal – that can also be imported. In addition, developer productivity drastically increases with the use of IaC. Cloud architectures can be easily deployed in multiple stages to make the software development life cycle much more efficient.

Minimized Risk – Not only does IaC automate the process of managing infrastructure, but it also serves as a form of documentation of the proper way to instantiate infrastructure and “insurance” in the case where employees leave your company with institutional knowledge. Because code can be version-controlled, IaC allows every change to your server configuration to be documented, logged, and tracked. And these configurations can be tested, just like code. So if there is an issue with the new setup configuration, it can be pinpointed and corrected much more easily, minimizing the risk of issues or failure.

Speed/Simplicity – IaC allows you to spin up an entire infrastructure architecture by running a script. Not only can you deploy virtual compute resources, but you can also launch pre-configured databases, network infrastructure, storage systems, load balancers, and any other cloud service that you may need. You can do this quickly and easily for development, staging, production, and ephemeral testing environments, which can make your software development process much more efficient.

Ultimately, using serverless architecture and IaC allows you to focus on developing what’s important: the custom functionality and user interface that serves the needs and requirements of the business. Whether you are developing new applications, modernizing old ones, or improving internal business applications, contact us today to get started on your modern development journey!

Technologies We Use:

AWS CloudFormation | AWS Lambda | Amazon DynamoDB | Amazon S3 | AWS AppSync | Amazon CloudFront | Amazon API Gateway | AWS CodePipeline | Amazon CloudWatch

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