Property Masters Migrates to AWS

About Property Masters

Property Masters provides real estate management services. They offer acquisition, development, lawn maintenance, landscape design, installation, remodeling, and property management services across the country.

The Challenge

With aging infrastructure and increasing demand, Property Masters had reached an important decision point between maintaining on-premises hardware or moving toward cloud solutions.

The Solution

After a detailed discovery, it was determined that AWS was the ideal solution for their business and IT needs. By migrating existing workloads to EC2, existing file shares to S3, and databases over to RDS, StratusGrid was able to provide Property Masters with a robust solution, as well as a more secure and readily available workload.

The Benefits

Adaptive environments designed to handle rising needs.
No upfront hardware costs, and a pay-as-you-go model for AWS.
Consistent configurations, decreased troubleshooting, and more uptime from Infrastructure as Code.
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About StratusGrid and Amazon Web Services

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Next Steps

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