Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Windows Server

Property Masters

Property Masters has been delivering full-service turnkey and multi-faceted renovation and preservation services nationwide. Property Masters are dedicated to eliminating confusion and minimizing frustrations associated with preparing, maintaining and marketing for bank-owned properties. With a combination of 30+ years’ of experience, the Property Masters management team is overly qualified to provide a broad range of specialized real estate services.

The Challenge

Property Masters required a production-like environment to test and develop Dynamics 365 solutions upon without interfering with day-to-day operations.

The Solution

A sandbox environment hosted in AWS running Windows EC2 Instances for both Dynamics 365 and its MS-SQL database.

The Benefits

Infrastructure as Code
All AWS infrastructure provisioned and deployed using Terraform making it easily reusable.
A rapid development environment for concepting and developing Dynamics 365 solutions.
Disaster Recovery
Automated snapshots of both the volumes and database allow for changes to be rolled back.

About StratusGrid and Amazon Web Services

StratusGrid is a next-generation managed services company specializing in cloud and hybrid cloud strategy, implementation, and management. We take a forward-thinking approach to revolutionizing business by implementing cutting-edge technology for our clients.

Next Steps

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